Hi, welcome to our web site, this is Ruth writing.

I started my photography carrier 17 years ago while I was in College taking my Communications degree. Photography, cinematography, advertising, journalism, PR, MKT, radio & TV production included. I decided for MKT, Advertising and PR.  (Now Social Media Marketing  with all this crazy social media thing) for so many years I did my own MKT, advertise, photo & video production promoting my own projects: Latin band, Catering, Singer, etc. (I am a proffessional singer since I was 15 years old, started singing opera with Mrs Salma Hayek's mother) My husband, he is a Cuban Musician, (drums, bass, guitar) Enginneer and Teacher. While he was attending  College he took the videography  seriously, making  documentals, and proposing videos to teach other Cubans  a new language. 

We meet on a musical casting in Mèxico city,  and we fell in love.  

Together we did started a Big Latin Band  called Sabor Habana traveling all around Mèxico, performing with our Salsa music (by the way I am a very good Cuban food cooker) We  moved to the US, 5 years ago (to Louisiana)  And 3 years ago my husband and I arrived to Dallas, TX .  

We started a Social Media Marketing project: 100% digital Latin magazine called: Harosha Magazine. This is how the story beings: Making social media videos with my phone and a microphone! And  using some friend's camera! Suddently, one day, a friend of mine  asked me to shoot proffessional pictures to my favorite Peruvian dancer Brianna, because of: My great pictures and style: we love your pictures they said! (With my phone remember!) 

Then we decided to use our proffessional skills and make from this a business. And here we are. Trying harder and harder. This is how HMI Photography DFW started.  We are not "normal" we love don't being normal. I don't take pictures  only for quinceañeras or weddings. That's boring! I do boudoir, new born, maternity, family, corporate, services, restaurants, jewerly, paparazzi, graduation, home coming, birthdays, baptisms,  conferences, red carpets, and more.  And we don't do just wedding or quinceañeras videos, we do green screen videos, fitness, social media content, like interviews and short commercials, and more coming. 

This is us! the unstopabble Marcelo's! , we call our selfes "Crazy Enterpreneurs"  Because we are always creating pictures and videos in our minds ! Totally different to others. Love when I figure it out a picture on my mind and my quinceañeras let make it true. I just say: I am crazy but you will love it! And... THEY DO!   Seeing happy faces looking fot their memories that's the best reward ever!

We really appreciate our customers, and we will be very happy capturing all your memories. Being part of your special moments is priceless.

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